We are a technology-based company that renders engineering support services to the power/energy, mining, civil engineering and telecommunication industries.

Our organization is made up of qualified and professional teams who have excelled in their individual areas of specialization and have positioned the organization as one of the forces to reckon with in Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, Civil and Telecommunications support services.

We deliver services in the area of project planning, technical survey, engineering design, project implementation, quality assurance, quality control and general engineering consultancy. We also carry out mining license facilitation and consultancy, site prospecting, solid mineral mining, mineral processing, mineral sales and exportation. Below is a general overview of our areas of operation and specialization:

What we offer


  • Implementation of BTS, BSC, MSC, Node B, RNC and other telecommunication nodes of GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE
  • Implementation and testing of feeder cable and antenna systems
  • Telecommunication outdoor cell drive-testing and radio frequency (RF) optimization and planning
  • Telecommunication IBS (DAS) cell walk-testing and radio frequency (RF) optimization and planning
  • Implementation and performance testing of (PTP and PMP) PDH, SDH and fiber optic transmission links/trunks for telecommunications, corporate enterprises and individuals.

Power and Energy Systems

  • DC System      
    • Rectifier system installation, upgrade and commissioning
    • Power distribution system installation and upgrade
    • DCDG (DC Generator) installation, commissioning and servicing

    AC System

    • Automatic transfer switch (ATS) installation and commissioning
    • ACDG (AC Generator) installation, commissioning and servicing
    • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) system installation
    • LV and HV Power sub-station/Power Transformer installation
    • General electrical reticulation
    • Event management systems such as external alarm, fire alarm, site telemetry and electronic security systems.

     Hybrid/Renewable Energy System

    • DG/Battery/Solar/Grid Hybrid power system installation and commissioning for industries and telecommunication sites
    • Solar/Battery/Inverter power system installation for industries and residentials.
    • Battery/Inverter power system installation for industries and residentials.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial and domestic air conditioner installation.
  • Pumps and compressors installation
  • Structural piping and networking
  • Servicing and repairs of diesel/petrol powered internal combustion systems

Civil Engineering

  • Generation of AUTO-Cad design drawings
  • Structural engineering for reinforced concrete and steel structures
  • Design and implementation of steel canopies, warehouse steel roof trusses, steel palisade fencing and bill boards.
  • Foundation design and implementation
  • Official and residential building design and implementation
  • Reconnaissance engineering survey and implementation drawing for road, RC culverts and drainages
  • Telecom base station site build
  • Equipment shelter assembly electrical reticulation
  • Tower and mast installation.


  • Site prospecting.
  • License facilitation and consultancy.
  • Waterway dredging and sand mining.
  • Solid minerals mining.
  • Mineral processing.
  • Minerals sales and export.