Xpat Network Nigeria Limited

XPAT Network Nigeria Limited is a technology-based company that renders engineering support services to the power/energy, civil engineering and telecommunication industries.

Our organization is made up of qualified and professional teams who have excelled in their individual areas of specialization and have positioned the organization as one of the forces to reckon with in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Digital Transmission and Telecommunications support services.

At  XPAT Network We deliver services in the area of project planning, technical survey, engineering design, project implementation, quality assurance, quality control and general engineering consultancy.

Our core competence areas are Telecommunication, Power/Energy systems, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.


To be one of the top 5 indigenous engineering servicing companies in Nigeria.


To provide premium quality and timely services to our clients. XPAT NETWORK.


Quality compliance. Integrity. Relationship. Customer centrism. XPAT NETWORK.

Xpat Network Nigeria Limited

Quality Control

Our quality control system also helps to spot top performers for appropriate motivation.

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Quality Assurance

XPAT Network Nigeria Limited relies on the expertise of its employees and the leadership.

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Project Quality Management

XPAT Network Nigeria Limited promotes Total Quality Management (TQM).

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XPAT Network Nigeria Limited is committed to achieving the highest safety, health and environmental standards in our operations and in the delivery of services to our clients.

The organization adheres strictly to regulations regarding the protection of the health of its staff, its clients, users and the general public. We also ensure that our actions, methodologies and techniques do not in any way threating the environment. The organization maintains a cordial relationship with safety and environmental regulators and enrolls from time to time for training by officials of same regulators.

Acknowledging that it might be impossible to completely eliminate risk, XPAT Network Nigeria Limited always ensures the provision of first aid treatment just in case of an accident. We also have a system that encourages our teams to timely report unsafe environment and conditions to the management for immediate action or escalation.

There is a company-wide awareness on the importance that the organization places on safety health and environment.

The health, safety and environmental policy of XPAT Network Nigeria Limited promote the culture of ‘safety first’.

XPAT Network Nigeria Limited ensures an operation that is guided by the company’s quality management policy which was designed based on industry best practices, standard quality management frameworks, guidelines from engineering bodies of knowledge and generically acceptable clients’ specifications. XPAT Network Nigeria Limited promotes Total Quality Management (TQM). Realizing the cost and agony associated with reworks, we always teach the principle of ‘get it right the first time.

XPAT Network Nigeria Limited relies on the expertise of its employees and the leadership, as well as technical competences of the team leads and supervisors to ensure that jobs are done using the right methods and techniques that deliver the predefined specification in our SLA with clients and with industry regulators. Employees are trained to carry out a self-assessment of their work from time to time to ensure that the expected products or results are achieved using the right methods.

Depending on the nature of the work, supervisors are also tasked with the responsibility to perform quality assurance checks on the teams under their control to ensure that quality is not compromised at any point. Whenever a snag is spotted by a supervisor, corrective action is initiated immediately.

Despite the efforts to get things done right the first time, in XPAT Network Nigeria Limited, we have a quality control team that either revisit all, or a reasonable sample from all jobs done (depending on the number) to ensure that top quality jobs are delivered.

The quality control system practiced in XPAT Network Nigeria Limited is not only intended to spot and resolve snags but to determine any employee skill gap and therefore implement the necessary intervention. Our quality control system also helps to spot top performers for appropriate motivation.

Our quality control system aims to achieve innovation and continuous improvement which is one of the cardinal principles of Total Quality Management (TQM). The quality control teams have in the past suggested better ways of achieving a top quality delivery of service.

Our Management Team


An experienced engineer with a wealth of experience within the Nigerian market and across West Africa. He has a National Diploma in Mining Engineering, a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Benin and an MBA from Business School Netherlands. He has over 18 years’ experience in engineering project management and quality control; cutting across Mechanical, Mining, Civil, Structure,…


A seasoned entrepreneur and serial investor with a wealth of experience within the Nigerian market space in and across West Africa. She has her first degree in Sociology from the University of Ibadan. She has a rich network and a member of many Business communities.


With her first degree and MSC is in civil engineering from the University of Lagos. She is an experienced civil engineer with well over 15 years’ experience in structural design, building design and project management. A specialist in Civil Infrastructural engineering and a qualified Lead Auditor in ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. She was an executive member of the Nigerian…