Is a technology-based company that renders engineering support services to the power/energy, mining, civil engineering and telecommunication industries.
It is managed by a professional team of Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, Geology, Civil, Digital Transmission and Telecommunications specialists, whose individual years of experience spans between 15 to 20 years and expertise, across different industries. We deliver services in the area of project planning, technical survey, engineering design, project implementation, quality assurance, quality control and general engineering consultancy.
Our core competence areas are: Telecommunication, Power/Energy system, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering.

Technical Divisions

  • We are experts in GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE BSS and NSS

  • implementations and commissioning [Huawei/ZTE/Ericsson/Nokia]; PDH, SDH and fibre optic transmission equipment installation and commissioning.

We dimension, design, install, commission, audit and maintain DC and AC power systems. We deliver cost-effective and reliable renewable energy power solutions for your industries and homes.

Speak to us for the installation, maintenance and repair of your air conditioners, piping systems, pumps, compressors and all diesel/gasoline-powered internal combustion systems.

  • We are highly experienced in the design and implementation of buildings, structural steel works, foundations, towers, masts and other ancillary civil works.

Premium site prospecting, site acquisition, license facilitation and general consultancy services.

We mine high-quality sand and solid minerals for local sales and export through state-of-the-art technology and processing.

What Makes us different?

@ Xpat network Nig. Ltd. We are unique because
  • We are customer-centered
  • We do not compromise on quality
  • Our charges are reasonable
  • We pride in our diverse competency
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Our organization is made up of qualified and professional teams
  • Who have excelled in their individual areas of specialization and have positioned the organization as one of the forces to reckon with in Power/Energy,  Mechanical, Civil, and Telecommunications support services.
  • We have no doubt in our mind that we will add value to your brand and effectively meet your expectations.
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Quality Assurance

XPAT Network Nigeria Limited relies on the expertise of its employees and the leadership.

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Quality Control

Our quality control system also helps to spot top performers for appropriate motivation.

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Project Quality Management

XPAT Network Nigeria Limited promotes Total Quality Management (TQM).

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